HHM Spotlight: KeldaMusik.

Female Hip-Hop artist Keldamuzik holds no barbs, taking it from Diva TV, Hip-hop reality show on public access 20, interviewing the likes of T.I., Diddy and more, to the release of Diva under the label Golddigga Entertainment in stores now! Keldamuzik is a swag of conscious controversy, empowerment and a twist of that that Bay Area slap that you love! The Diva Album is set to explode with “Bay Swag,” with Dem Hoodstarz. Keldamusik is dynamic and rhythmatic, with confident delivery, putting forth her own interpretation of the future of Hip-hop with a women’s POV. The release of this album is just another way for growing fan base to get closer to her. Her life experience has helped her shape tracks like “Girl Power” anthem “Diva” and “Mr. Right.” For more info on all Keldamuzik projects, go to www.myspace.com/DivaTV and www.myspace.com/Keldamuzik1


~ by vainsmith on April 29, 2008.

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