so I’ve been thinking..

We expand our brains everyday, and I want to expand my site as I grow and learn new things. I have political views as well as conversations that I want to share with viewers of my site. I want to talk about the economy and gas prices. I want to talk about the LGBT community, and things that need to be done within the community and neighborhoods that we live in. I have questions about violence, drugs, money, global warming, abuse etc. etc. I love poetry, art, horror flicks, traveling, discovering new artist, and living my life according to me, but there is also a side of me that questions life in general. Ill admit that I havent been posting like I have in the beginning, because I realize that I post things, that I end up deleting because it either doesnt have enough depth, or because it was something that I saw over on another blog in the first place. I want to help people, and be the voice for those who dont have a loud one such as mines. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or questions feel free to leave comments.


~ by vainsmith on April 6, 2008.

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