Air Hotel

Though only in the earliest stages of conception, French designer JEAN-MARIE MASSAUD’s concept for a floating hotel, the glorious whale-shaped “Manned Cloud” promises to be a transcendent thing of beauty should it ever reach the clouds. Developed in conjunction with French national aerospace research body ONERA, the massive designer dirigible combines the early 20th century trend of Zeppelin flight with the futurism of modern design to create a new form of luxury touring the likes the world has never before seen. Set to accommodate up to 40 passengers and 15 staff members in the utmost of luxury, the white whale would act as a sort of heavenly cruise ship, ferrying tourists across countries for a bird’s eye view of the planet. In all honesty I doubt if I would even be first in line to try this air hotel, type of thing out. It seems a little risky but to anyone looking at this thinking to themselves this looks pretty interesting, the best of luck to you!


~ by vainsmith on January 16, 2008.

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