Just a little heads up.

I will be busy kind of busy for these two weeks that are coming up. Especially with christmas being next week, and the New Years coming right after that. I give it about a week and a half and Ill be back to normal. I’ve had a hectic schedule to maintain since November so bare with me people. I will still be posting this week, but things will be moving kind of slow on my behalf, and NO I havent forgotten about Hustlehard Magazine and what it stands for. This magazine means a lot to me even if it means nothing to you. There are a few changes that will be made after the holidays as well that you can look forward to. As you know, and if you didnt know already I work alone behind HHM. I devote most of my time to the mag and trying to push it in different directions, and if I have your support I appreciate it highly.

As of right now Im looking for artist, writers, designers, photographers, musicans, clothing brands, entrepenuars, and etc. Im looking for people who are serious about their work. If you are, the best way to contact me is through an email which is located on the page.


~ by vainsmith on December 18, 2007.

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