Tri and Tri Interview

Hustlehard: When did you start designing?

Tri and Tri: I started designing from the time that I could pick up a pencil and hold a computer mouse, but it was’nt until a year and a half ago when I decided to take it more seriously.

Hustlehard: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Tri and Tri: Walking outside even just looking threw my window.
Everything I see, hear or feel has a part to play in where I get my inspiration from. Alongside my upbringing, the area I was raised in, type of people I grew with etc.

Hustlehard: Do you have any idea what you would be doing if you weren’t designing?

Tri and Tri: Really I would be solely concentrating on my other love for art which is music. Also from a young age I didn’t want to play football or other sports. I wanted to make 1 hits I still do and Im still determined to do it.

Hustlehard: Are there any artist/designers of any type do you admire? Why?

Tri and Tri: I admire any artist who is different who look at life like this: whats the 1 thing all peoples have in common? We are all different but most of us are just happy with following other peoples dreams or shadows.

Hustlehard: Would you say music or television influences your design?

Tri and Tri: Yes like all things in life from war to peace. Anything thats makes you think even for a spit second has a influence on your perspective on life. We all just need to make sure that we use it in a positive way.

Hustlehard: I, myself am a fan of Kicks mainly chucks so where did you get the idea of customizing them & how long have you been doing it?

Tri and Tri: Well like yourself I am a fan of the “chucks” and one night I woke up out of the blue. It had to be around 4:30 in the morning and I couldnt sleep at all and strangely all that was on my mind was chucks and with different artists faces on them. After designing one people kept getting asked “Where and how much, Where and how much.”

Hustlehard: Are you known locally or worldwide for your work?

Tri and Tri: Locally and in the states on the underground.

Hustlehard: If someone like me wanted to purchase some of your work
& I live on the otherside of the world how could I go about it?

Tri and Tri: All work can be sent via shipping and payments can be made by check.

Hustlehard: Does your clothing have a signature slogan or logo?
If so what does it stand for?

Tri and Tri: No as these pieces come out they will be customed under myself and converse. So other than the main design, they dont with not have my logo.

Hustlehard: Where do you see your clothing line in the next 5 years?

Tri and Tri: As a household product brand which all ages of people can enjoy.

Hustlehard: Do you have any companies in mind that you would want
to collaborate with in the future?

Tri and Tri: Yes but that would be telling too much. No really any company preferably black owned who’s interested in giving back to the community and the well being of not just black but lower classed youth.

Hustlehard: Where do you think you would  be if you weren’t in the position that your in now?

Tri and Tri: Gods honest truth, hell or in a jail cell. That applies to anyone who makes something out of nothing. If u dont beat the system it’ll beat you.

Hustlehard: Do you have advice for people who are trying
to accomplish their dreams but don’t know how to go about it?

Tri and Tri: Tri aNd Tri, its all in the name. No matter how many things dont work out its all a test of your faith in him and yourself. Each time you get tested and accomplish your goals you grow stronger and wiser. So dont give up and tri and tri.

You can check him out on myspace here.


~ by vainsmith on November 6, 2007.

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