Loud & Obnoxious Interview

Hustlehard: What does Loud & Obnoxious stand for & what made you choose the name?

– Basically, the inspiration for the name was our group of friends. Over the last couple years, our “family” has grown larger and larger and become much closer. Everyone in our group of friends is so genuine and real and caring that it’s so easy to be yourself and just have a good time. We all became so comfortable with each other that we tend to just let loose. There’s no denying that when we all come together, we seem to just become really “loud and obnoxious”, so I guess it’s a tribute to the ones we love. Also, we all play in hardcore/metal bands so it probably has to do with that.

How long has L&O been in the business?

– Officially, we made our debut at the last DunkxChange in Fullerton, CA on Sept. 29th so our line has only been out for 2 weeks and 2 days. We began planning, investing, designing, and production only 2 weeks prior to DxC.

Who are the people behind it? How did you meet?

– L&O is self-produced, hand-made, and run by the three of us- the tripod: Brian, my brother Matt, and myself (Vince). We actually met 2 years ago in the summer of 2005 I believe. My brother and I are in a band called Dear Life and Brian and his friends happened to catch us at a local show. They must have enjoyed what they heard because Brian and his band Destroying Something Beautiful ended up contacting us on myspace. We eventually started hanging out and the rest is history.

Would you say music or television influences your design?

– I’d say that our designs are influenced by a lot of different things. Anything that genuinely sparks credible interest in us could influence the way we design. Culture, history, art, music, and anything memorable. If it’s worth remembering, it’s worth immortalizing. We want to make statements that actually mean something to us. As mentioned before, we come from musical backgrounds so we’ve always tried to write songs that anyone can relate to. In a way, our designs are created in the same light. Similar to the music industry, we’ve seen a decline in innovation and passion in streetwear. There’s simply not enough heart anymore. We’d like to change that.

What separates L&O from other companies out in the business?

– Heart. We pride ourselves not only on our completely do-it-yourself mentality but our customer service. We try to be as personal and intimate with our customers because when it’s all said and done, they’re the ones keeping us afloat. Also, each of our designs has a meaning. Go figure! We’ve actually considered printing a little blurb of each design’s meaning directly below the tag inside the shirt. I think we’re also a very versatile brand as well. We have a lot of crossover appeal and it shows in the diverse crowd that we can cater to.

Have you worked with any other brands? If not are there any future designers that you plan on working with?

– Matt and I have actually been running our own little screen printing business called GLAD RAGS INK for almost two years now. We’ve been dying to release our own line of urban fashion as well so we figured we’d do a couple collaboration tees with L&O to get the name out there a little more. Nothing wrong with a little promotion! Gotta keep it in the family! Also, our good friend Josh Principe contributed the illustration in the “Live Loud” design from our current Fall 07 line. He’s an incredible up and coming artist and graphic designer from San Francisco, CA. We’ve also had a lot of help from our friends, including Darrell Manahan, Justin Enriquez, Justine Lee, and Nancy Woo. We’ve definitely talked to some folks that might be interested in working with us in the future but we won’t drop any names until it’s set in stone. Keep your eyes out for upcoming work with other brands, artists, photographers, and even bands!


What made you want to be apart of whats going on in fashion right now?

– We’ve always had a fascination in both the production and sales ends of fashion and streetwear so we figured why not give it a shot. As mentioned before, we just wanted to bring something exciting and full of life back to the culture in designs that we are interested in wearing without fear of boundaries and limitations. Also, we were just sick and tired of paying ridiculous hype prices for new release tees and it being so hard to get a hold of a shirt if one doesn’t “jump” on it right away.

Streetwear brands for men appear everywhere, but why
have brands not acknowledged the need for more women’s lines in streewear?

– Well it seems that women’s apparel is a lot more expensive to print and the demand for a women’s line does not seem to be as great as it is for men’s in the streetwear culture. But don’t worry ladies, L&O has the girlies in mind! LADY LOUD!? We’ll see what’s up!

Where do you see your clothing line in the next 5 years?

– We see ourselves branching out into all spectrums of fashion, including different styles (i.e. cut and sew, etc.) and maybe even international markets. As well as being remembered for where we started, printing our own t-shirts late at night in my garage.

What are the future plans for L&O?

– Honestly, the past month has been such a rush that we actually have not had the time to really sit down and think about it. But we have had talks of maybe one day getting our own offices and shop. If we think of more, we will definitely let you know. For now, we’re watching each and every step while still keeping an eye on the horizon.

If there was any advice that you could give upcoming brands or people that are trying to get into fashion right now what would it be?

– Keep it real! Put your heart into it.
– Always say thank you. Give credit where credit is due.
– Network. You never know who you’ll meet.
– Work hard. Work late.
– You have to spend money to make money.
– You can’t fail if you never give up.

Check them out on their Myspace & Blog pages.


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